Healing Self Sabotaging Behaviors

 Astrology is one of many tools we can use to get to know not only God but ourselves. Knowing how astrology flows through your energy centers, many call Chakras, while intentionally taking action can help you change your programing that has created negative cycles of self sabotage in your life.

Awareness of these cycles gives us the opportunity to tap into your subconscious and shift these beliefs that are negatively impacting your life, business or career by utilizing the Subconscious release technique and emotion code.

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Do you continue to come up against

emotional blocks created from self doubt, fear and the inability to confidently Make decisions

  • Have you finally stepped into your dream but find that something is missing?

  • Are you stuck at a financial income ceiling you're ready to break?

  • Are you struggling to emotionally connect to your business?

  • Are you struggling to balance home and work life?

  • Are you constantly worrying about failing?

  • Are you dealing with imposter syndrome?

  • Do you find you doubt yourself often?

  • Are you not being taken seriously by others in business?

  • Do you feel you don't have guidance or know the next step to take?

  • Do you find your actions lead to sabotaging yourself in business, love and life?

Find the flow of your divine Blueprint

As a trauma informed coach, I understand how easy it is to forget who you are after life pulls the rug beneath your feet.

Your divine blueprint not only will help you find yourself, but to let go of the emotions from the past.

Align Your Chakras As you Connect to your Astrology

Subconscious beliefs and trapped emotions stop the flow through your chakras and divine alignment.

Using the Celestial Body Flow you can align your energetic body and life. Find out how.

1 on 1 guidance with the Celestial Body Flow

Sometimes life can be frustrating and this frustrations spills over into your business and aspirations and dreams!

I'm here to help guide you into a new, consistent life of freddom. To help you find who you are. I will help you succed .

So I have spent the many years working with women to help them heal from trauma and many of these women have been business owners and entrepreneurs. I have LOVED every moment of my work with them and even more so, I LOVE when we break down the walls keeping them stuck from receiving their best in their business.Even if you don't have big T trauma, I now have a way for YOU to work with me! How exciting!With my ability to see astrology in your chakra system and how the flow of the planets plays a roll in your life, I am able to tune into the blocks that are inhibiting your ability to thrive in your business and life!

- Aubrey Svedin- Celestial Body Practitioner

Would you believe in yourself more if you knew

I believed in you?

What I do

Business Healing, Energy healing, Divine Intuition, Astrology

Healing Self Sabotaging Cycles

With my Success with the Moon class, we find the cycles in life that are not working for you and replaces them with habits, patterns, cycles and programs that are made for success. I am able to see where the emotional and energetic sabotaging blocks lay in your Chakra System, body and mind. As a Certified Light Filled Astrologer and a Celestial body practitioner, We will find the beliefs that interfere with your ability to thrive, succeed, make confident decisions in your business and life and them release them. Click below to see what that looks like.

emotional Healing and Subconscious clearing

The chakras, our energy flow, can be bombarded with trapped emotions and subconscious beliefs. The flow can be hindered or even stopped. Life with the energetic flow being blocked can be confusing, mundane and can be the cause of many stumbling blocks. removal of trapped emotions attached to your chakras can open that flow of energy and bring peace and happiness in.

SRT and Emotion Code Practitioner

Knowing astrology is a WONDERFUL way to know yourself. What if knowing astrology can also be a way to align your energetic body, connect to God, HEAL yourself and to let go of subconscious beliefs, programming and trapped emotions.

I work with my clients through their subconscious, releasing emotions, fears and beliefs that interfere with success and happiness.


As a Certified Light Filled Astrologer, I strive to bring myself and those I work with closer to the great and powerful healer and creator I choose to call God. I believe we are all immensely loved, blessed and have been given our own place in the heavens upon our first breath. To read the stars is to see the divine in yourself and to connect to God with pure love and intention.


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