When I was first introduced to The Emotion Code, I had a friend out of the blue come visit me in my one-bedroom mothers-in-law apartment that I shared with my son. I was hiding from the world because I was afraid of the world, due to trauma that had happened in my life. I moved there as a 2 month stop between real apartments where my son could have his own room and it had been 18 months by the time my friend stopped in. She had removed only 5 trapped emotions, and that was all that I needed to open my eyes. I didn't know that my whole world was about to change. I suddenly realized I was hiding from living. I was watching others live their lives while I was hiding. I didn't want to be that way anymore. And so, I wasn't. Today I am free to be me. I live my life and I am so grateful to my friend who randomly stopped by to introduce me to my new life.

- Aubrey Harris, CECP


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