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Celestial Body flow


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With my ability to see astrology in your chakra system and how the celestial flow of the planets plays a roll in your life, I am able to help remove the blocks that are inhibiting your ability to download Christ consciousness into your business and life!

  • Are you ready to download Christ consciousness into your business and life?

  • Have you finally stepped into your dream but find that something is missing?

  • Are you stuck at a financial income ceiling you're ready to break?

  • Are you struggling to emotionally connect to your business, career of life?

  • Are you struggling to balance home and work life?

  • Are you constantly worrying about failing?

  • Are you dealing with imposter syndrome?

  • Do you find you doubt yourself often?

  • Are you not being taken seriously by others in business?

  • Do you feel you don't have guidance or know the next step to take?

Since 2016 I have worked with many woman building their confidence, self trust, health and healing and now helping them to create and thrive in business.

Connecting with Christ consciousness and having God as the CEO of your life has been the turning point in not only MY life, but the life of many beautiful, successful women!

I have found that when we remove your energetic blocks through seeing your astrology in your chakra flow, I am capable of helping guide you to freedom from the emotional and astrological blocks that stop you from blossoming in your business and in your personal life.

With the blocks removed, the connection to the Divine is able to flow with ease and Christ can lead you to the path of success YOU want and need.

You will receive information concerning the chakras and their connection to your unique natal chart that we will be working on. What planet rules your unique chakra astrological flow and the beautiful benefit of blossoming with God as YOUR CEO!

Healing your Celestial Body

Celestial body flow

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Learn who you are with Christ after CPTSD diagnosis

12 months 1 on 1 coaching

Divine blueprint workbook

Success With The Moon Class

Dive into your unique astrology

Learn how to be your own healer

This program is made specifically for women who are ready to receive that extra guidance and love as they walk through and heal the symptoms brought on due to theemotional wounds of complex trauma and PTSD. As they heal the broken foundations of their past and into their new solid foundations in knowing themselves and becoming their own healer.

Through making God the CEO of your life. The gifts of healing flow abundantly with divine downloads and the sweet flavor of Christ consciousness directing you into a life of peace.

In the world where everything feels like it is constantly changing, the ability to see the truth from the lie appears impossible. You may have been diagnosed with CPTSD or also known as complex trauma. All your foundations seemed to have fallen apart, maybe including divorce, death of a loved one, walking away from a religion, finding out years of your life are a lie.

I want to help you replace your cracked foundations with Christ and lead you into a life of peace.

Do you know who you are on a divine soul level? How well do you know your creator and how well does he know you? Finding our connection to God and to ourselves has nothing to do with politics, Church, family, war, the Pandemic or our neighbors. It has everything to do with the effort we put into getting to know ourselves. Learning the unique energetic flow that we are. And becoming our own healers.

What if you knew it was possible to let go of emotional baggage without discussing the details of the past? Cause it is.

This program is made in such a way you will find your soul divine self. You will feel ever connected to God. You will free yourself from all you are not. You will step into your own natural healing nature with the creator. You will feel free to step into the life and future of your dreams. You will set and meet goals.

Come grab the divine blueprint and workbook which will give you a life time guide on how to BE YOUR OWN HEALER and it is 75 pages uniquely tailored to you and your divine natal chart.

You will find yourself in a state of quantum manifestation with your beautiful foundation in Christ consciousness. The truth that you have been looking for. Let's connect!

Celestial Body flow Readings

Celestial Body flow

$222 session

90 minute sessions

Finding Blocks in the Chakra through Astrology

Natal Chart and chakra Readings

Transit, Solar, and deep dive readings

With Astrology, Human Design and the chakra system I have multiple single session options for you to choose from. Each session includes and Emotional release to help you step closer to Christ.

If you're new to astrology or human design, I recommend you start with a natal chart reading. This includes the understanding of astrology in your chakras.

If you're diving into healing through the astrology aspect I have created a session specifically about how Saturn has guided you your whole life and will help you find the areas in your life that need healing.

I recommend my Celestial Block removal session

I have to share about the AMAZING session that I had with Aubrey Svedin the other day!I’ve experienced some trauma (can I just say…who hasn’t?!?!) and I also have struggled with day dreaming. Here’s what would happen….I would begin experiencing trauma and I would step out of reality and into my “pretend” world. Several years ago I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore and I just wanted TRUTH. But in the process I disconnected from my ability to daydream, which is a HUGE part of me and the way that I manifest. I didn’t even realize I had disconnected from it until my session with Aubrey on Monday. We did some healing around the trauma that I experienced and then did some work on daydream and YOU GUYS!!!!!I have to say this! I’ve experienced lots of energy healers in my time in the field (10 yrs) and this is the first session in YEARS that I’ve experienced that much movement in a single session. My feelings toward the person who inadvertently caused the trauma, the gap is closing and it feels AMAZING! This person is a huge player in my life and I want to heal. And the day dreaming.….ITS BACK!!!! But better than ever!!!!I walked myself through a situation I’ve been trying to day dream about for MONTHS! I would sit in replay in one particular section of the day dream and could never get further. But a couple days ago I walked through the ENTIRE day dream! I felt it in my body!!!! It felt like I was really there! I realized that this is why vision boards, that are supposed to work for me because I’m a specific manifester, never have! I haven’t been connected to me and my True ability to day dream!!!Oh, and another mind blowing result that might not seem like a big deal but is….Anytime I start a fiction book I can’t put it down until it’s finished. I devour a book. I literally can’t control myself. It’s painful. I have just accepted that fact and won’t allow myself to read a book until I have space because I know I will neglect everything and everyone else. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!I started a book last night, worried that I wouldn’t be able to break myself away from it, BUT I DID!!!! And it wasn’t even hard!!!I did it again today and I don’t feel the uncontrollable urge to go back to the book. I’m on chapter 12, where I would normally have already finished the book!!!! I have CHOICE back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m going through Aubrey’s program right now and I’m STOKED!!! So stoked! I HIGHLY recommend doing a session with her! I LOVE YOU AUBREY!

- Cytel Shults


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